I'd been gone from DCUO for a very long time but came back super excited about Home Turf. Since I didn't see a resource out there with a furniture gallery and any acquisition information yet, I'm undertaking the job of making one.
If you feel the urge to help, here's what I'm looking for specifically:

  1. Screenshots of items as they appear in the lairs/hideouts. Please make sure that only one item is shown (IE, not a table AND an urn you put on it or whatever).
  2. Information on where these drop. I've gotten a few myself but my playtime is somewhat limited so I realistically will need help with this aspect as well.
  You can send screenshots to my email: redlost(at)gmail(dot)com

All contributors will be credited here on the blog. Not looking to take the credit for myself.   Thanks to anyone who helps!



List of contributors

  • Titangirl -- For too much to mention!
  • Lunar Druid -- For many drop locations, and for letting me break into his house for screenshots.
  • Lursu -- For several screenshot contributions
  • The Shadowdragon -- For the massive number of screenshot and drop location contributions. 
  • TheGoat -- For the great screenshot collections of some of the cash shop lair themes.