Prefer to see what a piece of furniture really looks like before you buy? Want to know where something drops? Looking for that perfect piece to complete your interior? Love to find things you always wanted but never knew existed?

Interiors by Sarielle aims to fill that niche. Sarielle herself is Gotham's angelic guardian and longtime member of Acolytes, a multi-game online community. Please see the "Contribute" section if you'd like to help out with the project!

Right now I'm actively uploading tons of screenshots. I'm also going back and adding in-game screenshots to the early ones I just have previews for (plenty of the previews are very low-rez and/or are just the wrong colour) and drop locations are always being added to new and old entries. Obviously everything isn't going to be finished in a day, though, so the site is very much a work-in-progress!

Sarielle was all tuckered out after Base Builders weekend.
She's working very hard to get screenshots up as quickly as possible.

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