Sunday, February 16, 2014

The future of DCUO Furniture


As is probably obvious, this site hasn't received love in a long time. I'd toyed with updating it (including with a more professional layout), but with improved item previews in-game, I'm not even sure the site's needed anymore! If you guys could answer any of these questions/leave other feedback, I'd appreciate it.

  1. Assuming I improved sorting functions, does it still have a niche in the sense of, "I need some chairs. What are my options?" or "What kinds of plant-based items are out there?" type deals.
  2. Is there a go-to site with drop locations now? Is that something DCUO Furniture would still need to cover?
  3. Would there still be community interest in submitting images? It's too much for a one-person job.
I am not against renewing the address, but I won't do it if the site has outlived its use. :)


Anonymous said...

The site is wonderful. Please don't scrap it. People who love their bases still use it for reference. You're right it isn't perfect, but at least it's more than most. Thank you for the hard work.

Anonymous said...

I use it AT LEAST every other day. It's really helpful with finding items for my base! Thanks so much for the hard work and I hope to see this valuable site continue!

John Hutchinson said...

I have found your site to be very helpful in seeing what is out there and what themes are available. would be willing to help if I could. though am still new to the game so highest level is only 14 and looks like most of the items come of lvl 30 mobs.

Anonymous said...

Same here, great help.

The Shadowdragon said...

Welcome back!

1. I still use this site and send others here. There have been a ton of new items, but it's these classic items that make a nice matching base to start.

2. There's no single go to site. This is pretty new..., but not complete.

3. I'll try to get back into submitting images. I kind of stopped because I could no longer get a clear shot of single items with nothing in the background. I have a mental list of items that came after the Atlantean stuff.

Anonymous said...

I just came back from a couple of months break but i have used your site since the beginning and it has always been the best furniture site, lots of other furniture sites don't cover where it drops and yours does mostly, and for those items that drop in older instances a picture is always good to see what it looks like as to determine whether it's worth farming for, i for one hope u update and keep it running :P

Sarielle said...

Just an update, the switch to a new host n such has taken me a bit longer than I wanted but it's still in the works.

I'm trying to get a system set up where it's easier for users to directly contribute w/ screenies and info. :)

Thanks for the responses, guys!

Anonymous said...

Awesome site. Great resource!

There are dcuo gamers out here who appreciate your efforts!!

Don't stop.

Earl Young Jr said...

My first time here, with the addition of the xbox one version of the game I searched for help on lair items and your site popped up, so thanks for being here ☺